"The G-Man" Gunther

Host of the “Basement Party” Sat. 6pm - 12am  & Sun 3pm - 7pm




Hi, I am the host of the Basement Party on the Fox (Saturday 6 pm-12 am). I was told we needed to make bios up for ourselves for the website. When I have ever been asked to makeup a bio for myself I have always pawned it off on someone else by saying “Dude just put something cool down.” Now that I am The webmaster I guess I don’t have that  option.

    Well I started off in radio in high school, I think I was 15 or 16. Most of my friends and I were in bands in high schools so I was well into the music scene (If you could call it that in Howell). One day my best friends band  were recording some songs in this guys home studio and I guess he was talking about how he needed  people to do air shifts on this pirate radio station he was making. They said yes  and the show started. When they first got the show I was a little jealous to say the least. Each week I would call up and do funny voices and prank phone calls. After about a month one of they guys just decided  it was just not for him and I jumped into his spot.  Because it was a  pirate radio station we could play anything we wanted that was the good side the bad side, the FCC ended up shutting down the radio station after 3 months. Up until that time I wanted to become a chef but with just that little taste of radio I was hooked.

    After I graduated from high school in 2000 I took a year off. The next year I enrolled at Specs Howard School of Media Arts, I graduated  in 2002 and received the only award given out in the audio field “above the call of duty award”. After that I started interning at Cumulus of Flint, Then they gave me a job.
Now I have the Basement Party Saturdays 6 pm- 11 pm. It is an all request show, I love that. It does feel like a party on my end because if I’m not talking on the air I am talking to someone  on the phone getting a request. One of my favorite things on the Basement Party  is when someone calls up and tells me they want to hear a song I don’t even know if we have, then they tell me a kick ass story about why they want it on. When I can dig up that song……. it makes my day.  

    I guess I will do a little Q&A with myself. I am assuming this would be much easier to do if some was asking me the questions but I will give it a go.

What are my 5 favorite places to go in Flint ?
1. Halo Burger -Beefy Double Cheese combo with green olives and a Dr. pepper.
2. Machine Shop - One of the best places I have ever seen a show.
3. Paradise Express - If you need any band T-shirt I bet they have it.
4. Oliver T’s- I know it is in Grand Blanc but cut me some slack, I love beer and they have everything.
5. Tropical Smoothie Café - Order a “Get up and goji” and tell me it is not the best thing you have ever had.

5 Songs that make me crank it up to “11” in the Fox studio.
1. Paint it Black - Rolling Stones
2. Black Betty  - Ram Jam
3. Cowboy Song - Thin Lizzy
4. Uncle Tom's Cabin  - Warrant
5. Hocus Pocus - Focus